HapHealth - HAP (Haphealth Alliance Platform) for everyone

HapHealth is giving wide platform for all type of healthcare service providers and consumers. It's platform is respresenting HAP (HapHealth Alliance Platform) which is accessible by providers and consumers for their good health and wellness. By integrating typically disconnected elements of end-to-end care, and tying them to one unified Personal Health Record (PHR), HAP creates healthcare that is fast, compassionate, personalized, and high-quality, helping providers take patients/members from interpolation-to-medical cure.

HapHealth build in supervision of highly qualified specialists. Our target to provide better communication panel where each and every individual can get cheap, robust and fast connectivity in health world.

Platform for medical support

HapHealth having different type of medical engagements who build platform better and robust for entire world. The major groups who are influencing us to create a platform that can use for their practices and provide free solutions to health conscious patients or visitors or members are : 

  1. Doctors
  2. Service Providers
  3. Medical Students
  4. Healthcare Specialist as Influencers

Haphealth having features as per current health scenarios in which future belongs. It is providing one platform where max benefit programs are executing.

Our target is care you, cure you and guide you in medical requirements and emergencies. We like and wish your and your family member healthy life.


How did we came here?

We asked, what do people really want when it comes to HapHealth? We collect our medical and computer science expertise, our business experts, and the experience we have gained from serving and surveying hundreds of people and doctors over the years, and came to major conclusion. HapHealth procedures were developed in consultation with leading home healthcare professionals in the Kolkata, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality medical support.
  • People needs a completely trustworthy solution of health and wellness advice

    It has to come from the most experienced and experts doctors and health communities. Nobody else can and will do.
  • When people need support for their health, they need it immediately

    That means getting help when you need it—not at someone else’s convenience. No queue, No waiting, No Payment.
  • People seek health advice that should be completely personalized and secured

    Leave general practice. You seek a doctor who can hear your questions, consider your symptoms and examine your records.

How Haphealth Started

HapHealth begun with the truted that it's hard to find acceptable, relevant and trustworthy medical care answers of health questions online. When we do reviewed health information, it's often general and rarely relevant. Even if it might be useful, it's hard to know if it's concrete and trustworthy.

We created HapHealth to provide a solution to this big problem—to make searching useful, reliable health access fast, easy, and free under HAP.

An engagement of health and experience

Doctors focus on the newest research so you can learn about health issues that are closest to your heart. Health communities are always available to speak with you live on any health issue. And every day they provide more of their knowledge into tips that you can easily act on.

Haphealth is creating evergreen knowledgebase platform of personal health information. Every day our top specialists grow, deepen, and improve knowledgebase. As they do this, HapHealth becomes more essential to mankind to take important decisions about health and wellness.
HapHealth into our extensive chain of medical wisdom, chat with doctors in the middle of the night, or even message us (quietly) when you’re in your office premises. We are here, and we are ready to serve you whenever you need us most.

We are standing here to help you and your family in the world happier, healthier lives.

A Legacy of Excellence

HapHealth is working hard and reinvent how the world experiences health and care. We built the best trustworthy, comprehensive, and evergreen communication platform in care of best health expertise. We are supporting large number of people everywhere access to the best doctors and their knowledge and experience.

Take advantage and built your knowledge and health. Our doctors contribute more of their expertise and knowledge to make HapHealth essential to anyone making important decisions about health and care.

No more search the internet for information that may or may not be reliable and which is most but may not about you.




SOS service is available with our mobile application. Register as a member download HapHealth Members Mobile App and avail the SOS service in panic situations.


For any help and sugesstion you can write us here: info@haphealth.com