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Haphealth is providing you most beneficiary programs using that you can engage your different working mediums for business improvement. Some of very useful features of haphealth platform is:

Factually Improve your revenues system
Decreased costs and enhanced bottom line
Factually improve the quality of care
Improve patients engagement and their healthier life
Support to happier, more loyal patients
Connect Patient with our communication channels
Get immediate information about your different working sites/branches


Best medical service providers was founded on the ideal that a person’s location should not limit the quality of their care. As a result, our ambition is to bring together the best medical providers in the world to get you the right treatment anywhere. We are focus to offer a variety of medical services by which you get the very best care without travel.

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    Manage Appointments

    Manage appointments as per doctors availability and remove over bookings.

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    Manage Teams

    Manage staff members and their role as well track staff action performed on different records by review log. 

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    Complete Proccesses

    Track history of patient from entry to out time and get a quick view of patients’ case history and payments

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    Track Patient Health

    Manage patient entry to out time and track health updates that applied during process. 

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    Manage Payments

    Manage your billing cycle. Manage your payment updates and track individually

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    Generate Reports

    Generate your full financial year interactive report or patient history report. 

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    Manage Documents

    Manage your required documents on secure platform. 



By digitization you can track your revenue centres and update the working culture to increase revenues.

HapHealth is providing platform for you where you can manage your centers and evaluate the revenue report that plotted. You can track number of engagement and business improvement in respect of all aspects. 

There are different type of providers engagement with HapHealth module so you can go for any special module and improve your business. HapHealth support you to redefine your service areas and engagements by it's predefined features and programs.

The interactive financial reporting program enhance the business understanding. 



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Benefit your healthcare facility with the power of fully integrated & comprehensive health management system HAP HMS

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