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  • Find your doctors & healthcare providers and book an appointment online.
  • Get the latest updates to your health records from your doctor - from lab results to prescriptions.
  • Order labs and imaging directly from your EHR. Send prescriptions electronically to your local listed pharmacy so they get your medications faster.
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What and how to use platform?

HAP having fresh health knowledge—the created, curated, edited, and organized by doctors themselves. With HapHealth and large scaled top doctors, you get access to:

  1. Answers
    Search and browse your queries for personalized, relevant doctor answers for topics

  2. Health Tips/Feeds
    Experienced doctors wisdom produce health tips to cure you and help you to reach your goal

  3. HapHealth News and Events
    Haphealth organize time to time events in your  city as a campaign to help you in health related firms. 

  4. HapHealth App
    HapHealth doctors recommended health and fitness mobile app

  5. Medication reviews
    HapHealth provides real time transparency of medications and procedures for best treatment for comprehensive list of ailments, conditions, and illnesses


Control your health and get benefits of HAP

Store your personal health information securely online and get help from HapHealth Alliance Platform.

HapHealth Personal Health Record Account

Store your personal health information securely online and get help from HapHealth Alliance Platform. Subscribe Now
  • Your health information needs organized

    HapHealth is providing you platform where you can use it's extensive feature which  is mostly free of cost and personally manageable. You can control your health information and manage it on it's secure platform and use anytime anywhere in the world. HapHealth providing you connectivity with our service providers and doctors which is working as a health supporters. 
  • Your health needs tracking & monitoring

    Do you have tracking tools that can track your health or reminds you for medicine. If no HapHealth provides you this extensive feature to use your health. You can track your medicines, your family health and your family who needs emergency help.
  • Safe & Secure Platform

    Are you worry about your health information security? Don't worry. HapHealth introducing you it's member supporting panel that only accessible and manageable by you. No one can intersect without your confirmation. We created platform where you can manage your records for current activity or future requirement. This platform is trustworthy and secure that release your pain areas and provide relaxation that fall under doubts with other platform. Be healthy stay healthy :)




SOS service is available with our mobile application. Register as a member download HapHealth Members Mobile App and avail the SOS service in panic situations.


For any help and sugesstion you can write us here: info@haphealth.com