As the leader in expert medical review and advisory services, we are engaged with hundreds of companies, ensuring that their members have access to the very best. Corporate members have immediate access to our database of expert physicians in n number of specialties and super-specialties. As a result, employees make better informed health care decisions while company decreases its medical costs.
  • 55%

    INCREASE Entire society or employees health.

  • 32%

    PARTICIPATION RATE Evaluate employees health engagement.

  • 29%

    DECREASE Health severty before occur.

  • 42%

    INVOLVE Employees in corporate health chart.

  • Track Your Employees General Health

    HapHealth is providing extensive technology through that you can track companies track their employees health concerns and medical engagements. A graphical representation gives idea to company about the count of employees who needs medical engagement and track through that they can find employees who are ready to support company and their employees in different medical emergencies like: blood donation.
  • Provide Employees Beneficiary discount at HapHealth Platform

    HapHealth provides valuable discount features for their engaged companies/corporate/institutions. We executes an extra discount over different type of service engaged with our platform to serve human kind. Using it's valuable beneficiary discounts and reachable services the engaged consumers can be happy and healthy as per our motto.
  • Your Employees can take virtual consultancy on Corporate Discount

    HapHealth is providing valuable feature virtual consultancy that is very much relaxable approach to healthcare experts. You can avail this feature on corporate discount without paying any extra penny to expert and travel harassment. 
  • Your Employees can Beneficiate on Medicine or medical product on Corporate Discount

    HapHealth also providing online store features through that engaged members can purchase or book their required items online and get door deliveries. For corporate employees HapHealth arrange valuable discounts time to time using this benefit employees can get additional or beneficiary discount in their product items.


  • Smoking:

    Increases health awareness benefits costs

  • Heart Disease:

    High value per employee

  • Depression:

    Extensive costs per employee

  • Hypertension? Back pain

    Sever loss per employee

  • Obesity:

    Absent more than lean employees

  • Diabetes:

    Feel tired so produce less then normal employee

  • Farsightedness:

    Weak to participate in active production then normal employees

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What our team says

  • Friendly Care Team
    We created a best team for you who care you and support you at every medical requirement. Our team is your family and friends that engage with you and provide you friendly care.

  • Support you with enthusiasm
    HapHealth supports you with high enthusiasm. Our team always ready to help you in short time by with immediate response. You can post your queries and ask your pain areas. We are always stand with you.

  • Guide you in pitfall
    Do you have any hurdle to use platform. Please let us know we are here to guide you if you face any problem. Our support team is online for you.




SOS service is available with our mobile application. Register as a member download HapHealth Members Mobile App and avail the SOS service in panic situations.


For any help and sugesstion you can write us here: info@haphealth.com